GSoC 2024: Rewite Admin Page components from JSP to React

Greetings Everyone

Project: Rewrite Admin Page components from JSP to React

Project Description: Most of the current Admin page Functionalities are still on the old JSP UI. This project aims at re-writing key admin components from JSP to React including User management, Organization Management, and Provider Management.

Recently, GSoC 2024 results were announced and I am grateful to this organization that they have selected me as a contributor to this project.

Hence, I have created a topic to give/post updates regarding my progress and ask questions if I get stuck anywhere in the middle of problems!

Mentor: @cliff-gita @Moses_Mutesasira and Other maintainers

Thank You


Thanks @aditya .
We would need to identify the existing admin pages that are still not yet in REact


Week 1 [ 1 may - 10 may 2024 ]

JSP to ReactJs Pages

  • [Barcode Configuration pages] link
  • MVC to Rest Controller converted
  • UI JSP to React
  • [Provider Management pages] link
  • fixed some edge cases

Week 2 [ 11 may - 18 may 2024 ]

More JSP to React Pages conversion

  • [ Organizations Management pages ] link
  • MVC to Rest Controller
  • worked on all sub-pages organizations management page
  • covered edge case
  • [ Opened issues for User Management page] link