Error on Add Order Form

I get this error when running the site locally and when using the online demo.

  1. Login to the demo at
    User name: demo
    Password: demoDEMO!
  2. Click the Order menu and select Add Order
  3. Type any text into the Requester textbox and hit tab to move to the next field
    A popup will appear with the following error: error.provider.ininvalid.
    This is a required field, but no matter what data I enter it triggers the error.

What data is expected to go into this field?

From the OrderEntryConfiguration page
Site and Provider fields can be configured to allow Free text or select existing values in the system.
ie restrictFreeTextProviderEntry and restrictFreeTextRefSiteEntry ,
If the properties are set to true , they do not allow free text entry but rather like a select for an existing provider or Site.

Sites and providers can be added manually or pulled from a FHIR store.
But incase no providers existing in the system , those fields can be configured to allow free text