Need Guidance to resolve: OpenELIS showing "not authenticated"

I am new with openelis, and am experiencing attached issue. Can someone help with solution what steps can i implement to resolve?

Thank you!

Hey @Kalpi_Savalia try following this thread !

thank you @Manish i will look into it!

also, is it possible for you or other members to share or guide me for my below use case:

Use case: I have created a Patient Record in Bahmni EMR and am looking to access that record in OpenElis, is this possible, and how?
Just a heads-up, I am a non-tech person I explore and implement steps by researching/referring knowledge articles, etc. so apologies if I ask any silly questions regarding tech implementations :sweat_smile:

Thank you

Hey @Kalpi_Savalia

You can’t access it directly for now! But yeah what you can do is place a lab order for that particular patient through OpenMRS and the same order could be directly accessed in OpenELIS due to the Fhir integration between OpenELIS and OpenMRS!