Test Panels in OpenELIS

Hi there,

I recently am dealing with some customization for OpenELIS and I have a question.

I can’t figure out the “panel” concept in OpenMRS.
If I order a lab test (e.x Blood), I know that ELIS knows that while syncing and I am totally ok there. But if I order a PANEL in OpenMRS which let’s say contains 5 tests (e.g. Blood, Anemia, Urine, …), how does ELIS know and how it splits the panel into specific tests while parsing/mapping this data?

Sorry for the very very late response, but just in case, I’ll post anyway. When using the FHIR interoperability, the order will be split out into individual tests, each with a LOINC, in this case the panel concept is only used for grouping, and since the tests will be coming in via the API anyway, there is no benefit to the OpenELIS users to keep the panel structure. When it’s returned the tests should still be grouped by panel in the OpenMRS side.