Duplicates in a test's select list?


I’ve been tinkering with OpenELIS and configuring an example test, and noticed a weird issue (I’d attach screenshots but that doesn’t seem to be an option here):

  • The select list is showing duplicates in results entry (showing multiple “positive”, “negative” entries for example)

  • attempting to edit the test will let you ADD new entries to the select list and rearrange those new entries but does NOT let you edit/remove existing entries on the test

I’ve tried both the 2.1.3 VM and VM and the issue exists in both.


  • is there a build/configuration/fork you’d recommend I look into? Am I using the bleeding edge and need to use a more stable version?

  • Also, does OpenELIS support the definition of calculations (for example a simple formula to calculate LOD given an initial mass and final mass)?

Sorry, am still learning the system and would like to properly understand its strengths and where potential gaps may be.



Sorry just wanted to bump this post - it seems like a pretty basic flaw that makes maintenance of master/static data a bit challenging. What’s the workaround? To never edit existing tests’ select list entries?

I’m guessing I’m missing something obvious/basic. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, very sorry for the long delay, but that was indeed a bug. Please find a link to OE 2.3 RC1 where this and many other bugs are resolved: Dropbox - OpenELIS-Global_2.3.1.2_Installer.tar.gz - Simplify your life