Seeting OpenElis-core with TomCat

Hello there, My name is Valens , student at Rwanda Coding Academy. I was trying to set up OpenElis-Global using tomcat but I’m getting this error:

Could not find artifact org.itech:dataexport-api:pom: in jaspersoft-third-party
I can see that the org.itech version dependency is not available, please anyone to help with the current suported version of the org.itech data exporter

why are you not using docker ?

@Moses_Mutesasira look into it sir

Thank you @Rahul_Vishwakarma I would have used docker, but I need to configure it for development. I’m facing that issue of dependency called org.itech which can not be found.

can you please share the logs ?? actually i am also facing the problem from past 3 days but today i have setup it correctly

Yes sir @Rahul_Vishwakarma , kindly find here the logs

The dependency org.itech seems to be unavailable.

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and after which command you get this dependency unavailable error?

on run , when i start the application. when the maven starts to load dependencies and encounter that one which is not found, i get those erros.

I can see that that dependency is not even found on the maven central repository.


Error : “java: package org.itech.fhir.dataexport.core.service does not exist”

i am certain this issue has been posted multiple times in this forum, you should look it up but basically you need to install JDK 11 (java 11) and then configure your system environment variable(JAVA_HOME and path) to point to java 11. Even if you have java version higher than 11, it doesn’t seem like there is backwards compatibility.

No @parthnagdev , For me downgrading to JDK 11 doesn’t give any solution.

Hey @valens The DataExport-api is included in the OpenELIS Global repo as a git submodule.

Have you followed these steps? ,

  1. git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. cd dataexport
  3. mvn clean install
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Yes @Manish but no change

Hey @valens ,Could you please share what this command returns on your machine?

mvn -v

Thank you @Manish ,
Here is the screenshoot:

I actually have maven installed, but when I try to run this command you gave me : " 1. git submodule update --init --recursive", I get the error bellow :

Here, I notice that your Java version is 21.0.2.

Could you also install Java 11 and set your JAVA_HOME to Java 11? This should resolve your issue.

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Thank you @Manish , Let me try it out, I will ping you if I encounter any issue.

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My Java version is now 11 but still:

After which command are you encountering this error ?