[SLIGHT IMP UPDATE] Latest changes on main branch "develop_3x"

Hey Folks,

Today i have noticed there is lots of fixes in latest commits on branch “develop_3x” by @calebslane which looks fairly good please take care the if you are pulling the latest change to your local machine make sure to drop all the existing volumes and recreate it and give docker container a fresh restart !

Q : Why am posting this ?
Ans : I ran into issue where i was not able to login in main page of openELIS [newUI]. And wasted couple of hours to fix this issue.


  1. While git rebasing your local changes you may get hole lot of conflicts ! [ need to take care of it ]
  2. Bunch of language related fixes
  3. Design related fixes

On the basis of these changes you can UPDATE your existing pull requests !

Thank You everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy Hacking

few looks of new UI below [ work by @calebslane ]

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Hey @aditya thanks for the heads up! The new update actually looks great :grinning:!

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