Seeking assistance for changes!

Hello everyone ,

I’m seeking assistance with an issue I’m encountering while making backend changes. Despite my efforts, the changes aren’t reflecting as expected. Any guidance or support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @ravi . if you are making any changes in the backend Java Source code then you should follow these steps for changes to reflect

  • Run the maven build again to re-build the War file
 mvn clean install -DskipTests
  • Recreate the Openelis webapp container
docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml up -d  --no-deps --force-recreate   
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I strongly recommend you to go through the readme file its clearly mentioned over there!

hii @Manish thanks for the help , and i am extremely sorry , actually i am new to open source and will surely go through the readme

Hey @ravi , no worries at all! Everyone starts somewhere. It’s awesome that you’re diving into open source. Taking a look at the readme is a great idea. Let me know if you need any help along the way. Happy coding! :blush::star2:

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Ideally, when you need assistance or need help its important to know this checklist for an awesome and good question;

  1. What is the problem you are encountering

  2. What steps have you taken to solve it(or any resources you have used)

  3. Share the error(logs)/blocker you have encounterd if any ( you can use tools like


Hey @Manish @thembo42 i will surely follow it … thanks for the suggestions


Just wanted to ask while recreating Openelis-webapp container should I stop the other containers entirely and then use the command or just stop the webapp container and then run the command while not stopping other containers.

Hey @Prajjwal_Kohli better stop all the containers and recreate the openelis-webapp container and give all containers a fresh start. Because [openelis-webapp container] is main backed operations heavy container.

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Hey @Prajjwal_Kohli I think better will be to stop other containers otherwise it may show error that port is already occupied. I have faced this issue. So i’ll suggest to just stop other containers then re-create Openelis-webapp container.

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Are there still issues here running the webapp in docker ??

@Moses_Mutesasira Yes, earlier it was running fine, but today i am having issues in running the webapp, how can i do it?

How are you running it and can you paste the error in pastebin and share the link

did you see these instructions ??

Yes, i have followed the instructions as mentioned, at localhost it is saying not authenticated

. And in https://localhost/api/OpenELIS-Global/ it only reloads the page and lagacy ui is not visible. Earlier it was fine.But now i am having trouble

The OpenELIS backend service is not running ,
what does docker ps return ??

docker ps

it returns following

@Moses_Mutesasira can u tell how to start OpenELIS backend service?

Can you share your logs ??
docker logs openelisglobal-webapp

Can you try these steps

docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml down -v    
docker system prune --volume
docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml up -d  --no-deps --force-recreate
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