Can OpenElis be reskinned?

New to openelis and really liking what I am seeing. Can a different look/feel be applied to openelis? Is it just a template that can be modified?

Thanks in advance!!

Welcome to the community!

We are currently working on OpenELIS Global 3.0 now which has a new react-based UI, and will be much easier to customize than the current JSP pages. However, others have used the back end with a custom front end using the APIs available. Just out of curiosity, what are you looking to add or change? Maybe it’s something we need to keep in mind for the overall product.

You can find the fork here: GitHub - I-TECH-UW/OpenELIS-Global-2 at 2.8

I hope this helps!


Hi Casey!

Thanks for the prompt reply. We have an LIS we use now and if we are going to migrate over to OpenElis I wanted it to look and feel as much like the old one as possible to minimize adoption and training time. In 2 of our labs the LIS has the menu down the left side with features available or hidden based on login and workflow.

Any idea on when 3.0 will be out? We are currently testing on 2.7.


Hi Phil,

That Makes a ton of sense. In 2.7 we also show or hide tabs/tests/panels based on the role the user is assigned. We’d be happy to get any input on how we can improve our interface. For the planned release, we are looking at ~June for the 3.0 release (assuming no substantial tech issues, and that testing doesn’t uncover anything significant). I wonder if we can work with you to have an alt menu structure that we can turn on to move the menu to the left side, and then we can keep it in our main branch to ensure it’s tested with ongoing dev, and continues to work on future versions.

That would be fantastic! DM me what you need from me and I will get to work ASAP.

Hi Casey! Any word on the release of the React front end? Can’t wait to see the changes!!

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Here is a link to check it out for the in progress work, we actually moved to a left side menu, hiding things that didn’t apply as well, so hopefully that helps. We are still rebuilding some of the less high profile page, so you will see a shift to the old UI when those pages haven’t been developed yet. We are also accepting volunteers with react experience to volunteer to help get some of the more basic pages converted. I’ve dropped in a demo of the new UI and a link to the branch. If you or your team are interested in helping move some pages, we have them to do, and would be happy to have anyone join our UI conversion calls. admin / adminADMIN!

Here is the OpenELIS3 Test server


I am new to openelis as well and would also like to customize its look. I tried to make some simple changes to the colors in src/main/resources/static/css/openElisCore.css but after saving the .css file and running “docker-compose down” and then "docker-compose up -d --build ", I don’t see my changes. Is there something else I need to do? I tried deleting my browser cache and removing the docker container services and their volumes, but I still don’t see the updated openElisCore.css.

Thanks in advance!

Are you trying to customize the new Front React front-end or the Legacy jsp front-end ??