GSoC 2024:Rewite Admin Page components from JSP to React in OpenELIS: Discussion

Greetings everyone,

I’m excited to share my enthusiasm for contributing to OpenELIS 3.X through Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024. Having already made significant strides in enhancing functionality on O3 in OpenMRS, I am eager to further expand my knowledge and skills by delving into OpenELIS 3.X.

Project Overview: The project I am keen to undertake involves a pivotal transition in the administrative functionalities of OpenELIS 3.X. Currently, many of these features are reliant on the outdated JSP UI. The primary objective is to rewrite key administrative components from JSP to React, specifically focusing on User Management, Organization Management, and Provider Management.

Objectives: The primary goal of this project is the seamless migration of Admin Page components from JSP to React while ensuring all functionalities remain intact. The emphasis is on preserving existing functionality, with minimal design alterations unless absolutely necessary. By the project’s conclusion, the aim is to achieve a comprehensive migration, ensuring that all JSP pages are effectively replaced with React components, thereby culminating in a fully transitioned OpenELIS 3.X platform.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to this project, as it not only aligns with my technical interests but also promises to elevate my skills in both OpenELIS 3.X and backend development. I am committed to delivering high-quality results and collaborating effectively with the community to achieve our objectives.

Any ideas and guidance will be highly appreciated.

Best regards.

cc @Moses_Mutesasira @caseyi @calebslane


Hello everyone :raised_back_of_hand:!

Please kindly allow me to extend my sincere interest in joining this wonderful community.
My name is Valens, a software engineering student at Rwanda Coding Academy who is curious and willing to bring big tech solutions to the world’s community.
I have completed different client projects solving problems in crucial sectors such as education and health in my nation Rwanda :rwanda: using different programming languages and technologies such as #Java, #PHP, #Python, and #Javascript. In my next venture, I’m looking forward to contributing to OpenElis projects titled "Rewrite Admin Page components from JSP to React " and “Add support for user UI notifications” in this 2024’s GSoC. I will appreciate all of your guidance to make this happen.

For anybody to connect to me:
Github: valens200 (valens niyonsenga) · GitHub

Best Regards!

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Hello @valens . Welcome to the community. Incase you are interested in participating as GSOC student 2024. i think you need to create a separate talk thread , Better to look into projects first.

Thank you @sharif , may you kindly invite me to the slack channel?
email :

cc @caseyi will help.

Hey @caseyi @sharif
I’m excited to introduce myself as a potential contributor for GSoC 2024. My name is Sagar Kori, and I’m enthusiastic about web development, particularly in modernizing legacy systems. I’m eager to collaborate on the project titled “Rewriting Admin Page Components from JSP to React.”

Project Overview:

This project focuses on migrating key Admin page functionalities from JSP to React. We’ll be revamping User Management, Organization Management, and Provider Management components using React, TypeScript, Java, Spring, and REST.


The goal is to modernize the existing Admin page, improving flexibility, performance, and maintainability. React’s component-based approach offers a more interactive UI, faster rendering, and better code organization. This upgrade will enhance user experience and facilitate future development.

Project Goals:

  1. Component Migration: Refactor JSP components to React, ensuring functional parity and adhering to best practices.
  2. Integration Testing: Develop comprehensive tests to ensure seamless functionality and performance.
  3. Documentation: Document the migration process and implementation details for future reference.


The project aims to modernize Admin page components, leveraging React and associated technologies for a better user experience and streamlined development process. I’m eager to contribute and collaborate with the community to achieve these goals.

Thank you for considering my proposal.

Warm regards,
Sagar Kori

Create a separate thread.