GSOC 20204 : Community Bonding Period ( May 1 - 26)

Following Google’s Official Announcemt of Acceped GSOC Projects 2024 , The OpenELIS comminity Congratulates all selected Contributors for GSOC 2024 .
We express our sincere apreciation to every one who contributes regradless of whether they have been selected or not .

See Full List of all GSOC 2024 Projects

During May 1 to May 26 is the Community Bonding Period .
During this Period

  • Each Selected student will get in contact with their Mentor through slack or the Talk Platform to diacuss and talk about their project
  • Each selected Student will Create a Talk Thread where the mentors and the student will be holding technical discussion about the project including weekly progress, blockers and other issue
  • We will be getting weekly update and Talk about any blockers during the weekly community dev call

Next Impontant GSoC 2024 timeline,

  • May 27 : Coding officially begins!
  • July 8 - 18:00 UTC : Mentors and GSoC contributors can begin submitting midterm evaluations

Congratulations to all participants