OpenELIS Global has been Accepted as a Google Summer of Code 2024 mentor organization

Hello Community,
Am happy to announce that OpenELIS Global has been accepted as a mentoring Organization for GSOC 2024. It is one of the 195 Organizations to participate in GSOC 2024.

see OpenELIS Global Page on the GSOC official website

For anyone who would want to participate in the GSoC Programme as a Student with OpenELIS,
please see Google’s GSoC Contributor Guide and aslo vist on our GSoC page and our Student Guidelines.

Next Impontant GSoC 2024 timeline,

  • February 22 - March 18 - Potential GSoC contributors discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations
  • Mar 18 - April 2, 2024 - GSoC contributor application period begins
  • May 27 - Aug 19, 2024 - Coding Period

See Full GSoC 2024 Tilmeline

GSoC 2024 Administrator


Wohooo! :tada: Huge congratulations to you @Moses_Mutesasira and the entire OpenELIS community on being accepted for GSoC 2024!
I’m genuinely excited about the opportunity to contribute to OpenELIS for GSoC. It’s truly would be an honor and would love to contribute to make GSoC 2024 a resounding success! :rocket: #LetsDoThis


congratulations @Moses_Mutesasira and to all the OPENELIS team

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Congratulations to the community for being accepted as a mentoring organisation! Looking forward to seeing the amazing projects that come out of this collaboration.

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Congragulations to the community, Looking forward to this wonderful journey as contributor in this community

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Ta-daaaaaa! :tada: Congratulations :clap: Great opportunity for us indeed :clap:

Congratulations to OpenELIS community on being accepted as mentoring Organization for GSOC 2024 :tada:
Looking forward to grow with the community and work on amazing projects :slightly_smiling_face:

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congrats OpenELIS! :red_gift_envelope:

Congratulation OpenELIS

first of all congratulation

Congratulations and thanks @Moses_Mutesasira for leading this .

Congratulation OpenELIS

Hello Everyone!
I am Shashank Shekhar Singh, a sophomore from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), BHU, India.

Congratulations on OpenELIS Global’s acceptance as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2024! This is a significant milestone, and it’s thrilling to see the organization stepping into this role for the first time.
My proficiency in ReactJS, searching algorithms and my immense experience in front end web development fuels me to join the OpenELIS organization as a Gsoc contributor this year.
It would be highly grateful if you spare some time to let me understand the basic working principles of the org so that I can pave my way contributing in the GSOC’24 season.

hello @ShashankShekharSingh thank you for showing your interest in being a Gsoc contributor through openElis , please read through our GSoC 2024 - OpenELIS Global Documentation and
OpenELIS Global Documentation

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Hello Sir,
Thanks for your prompt response.
Firstly, I would like to know from where can I contact the mentor “Mutesasira Moses” for the project “Enhanced Search Functionality for OpenELIS” because previously I have worked on a similar project and therefore I wanted to know indepth implementation details.
Secondly, I would like to know where and how can I start contributing so as to increase my chances of getting selected as a contributor by your organization.

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hello @ShashankShekharSingh communications are made through the thread you can create one and tag him surely he will be able to answer back

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Hello @Moses_Mutesasira I wanted your guidance related to the second project idea proposed by the organization and to know how to starting to contribute in there.

Hello all,
I am Abhiram I saw on the Gsoc project page of OpenELIS, that we have decided to work on improving the responsiveness of OpenELIS 3X. I had worked on a similar project what are the steps needed to follow.

Hello @Moses_Mutesasira @Agaba_Derrick_Junior

Could you please let me know if the project’s backend is based on Maven or Spring Boot? I’m comfortable with the frontend, but I’m having trouble understanding the backend.

Could you suggest any documentation, specific topics, tutorials, or links that would help me understand the project’s backend better? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.