Preparing for GSoC 2024

Hello ,Community .
OpenELIS is excited to announce that it intends to participate In GSoC 2024 for the first time.
Although Google has not yet made the official announcement for GSoC 2024, we would like to inform the Community that we plan to participate in next year’s GSoC program.

For anyone who would want to participate in the GSoc Programme as a Student with OpenELIS, you can find more details on the GSoC page and Also take a look at our Student Guidelines.

More Information will be provided as soon as Google Makes the official announcement

For More Information about Contributor Eligibility, See GSoC Programme Rules


Thanks @Moses_Mutesasira
Any good first issues please?

Thanks you can take a look at the into issues

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Note :The GSOC page and Students Guidelines will now be accesible from our new Docs Page

Foe Updates please refer to the new Pages


Am I able to assign myself the issue to avoid duplication?

If you cant assign the issue your self , you can comment on the issues so that some one with rights can assign you the issue

Thanks @Moses_Mutesasira

Hello OpenELIS Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my genuine excitement about the news of OpenELIS participating in GSoC 2024 for the first time. The prospect of contributing to such a dynamic and forward-thinking community is truly exhilarating.

As a passionate student eager to delve into the world of open source development, I am keenly interested in becoming a part of OpenELIS for GSoC 2024. I have reviewed the information on your GSoC page and studied the Student Guidelines, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with your team.

Please let me know if there are any specific steps or requirements to follow in expressing my interest formally. I am looking forward to the possibility of contributing to OpenELIS through GSoC 2024.

Thank you for considering my enthusiasm and commitment.

Best regards,
Shad ali
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@Shad_Ali The info provided by @Moses_Mutesasira on top of this thread, does it suffice?

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ok sir , it is suffice for me

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@Moses_Mutesasira can someone fix the student guidelines page ?

@tendomart , Looks like that’s a broken link

ok , sure. give me idea related to student guideline page