GSoC 2024: Warm up practices for Contributors

Hello Community,
Following the Official Announcement of GSoC Mentor Organisations,
Here are some important Practices/Tips for Potential Contributors as we wait for the GSoC Contributor’s Applications to open on March 18

See Full GSoC 2024 Tilmeline

Warm up practices for GSoC 2024

  1. If you are new to OpenELIS, spend some time to understand OpenELIS and its usages around the world. Visit our website at

  2. Try to Run OpenELIS in Docker from Source Code to get familiar with the codebase

  3. Go through our introductory Issues and try to work on them. .
    Important Note:

    • Please if you can’t handle an issue or do not have time to work on it, feel free to un-assign your
      self and set it open for others to work on it.
    • Whenever there’s a UI change in your PR, please attach screenshots (if possible short video) before and After your changes to make it easier for reviewers to review.
    • Ensure you format your code properly
  4. We are currently transitioning from the JSP to a react-based UI.
    Feel free to create an issue about translating a component from JSP to react ie most of our reports are still on the JSP legacy UI

  5. Do some code Reviews for PRs from other forks. Reviewing code from others is one of the great ways to learn the OpenELIS code base.

  6. Be active on the OpenELIS talk forum, and help others to solve their issues regarding developments, tests, and deployments.

  7. Go through Our Projects/Ideas List to select which one suits your skill set and interest …Start a Talk Thread about it to brainstorm more ideas around it

  8. If you haven’t joined our slack channel, post your email on this thread to be invited by the admin

  9. Ensure to Go through GSoC program rules to understand the program requirements set by Google

  10. Go through OpenELIS Students Guidelines to understand the OpenELIS requirements

  11. Do more and more to live with OpenELIS :smile: Enjoy …!


Hey @Moses_Mutesasira I posted in the thread you mentioned above to get invited to join the Slack channel. But no reply was received. Please add me to the Slack channel.

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Let me ping the Admin

@Moses_Mutesasira , same with me. Please add me in the slack channel. Email:

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have you added your emeil to this thread Quick note on this community page ??

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Yes, already added the email in that thread.

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Could you kindly include me as well? I provided my email in this thread 10 days ago, but I haven’t been added yet.
my email:

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Please I replied my email to the thread for slack invitation but I can’t see anyone till now.
Please add me to slack :

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All the issues now are assigned, so can I make PR for backend code particularly make a unit testing for some components?



@Sayed_Abdo its good as the unit testing is part of proposal so if we make small pr for it or improving it, it will help in future

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Thanks for your comment, I will try to make more PR on this part.

Hey Maintainers :wave:
May I know the mentor for “Improve E2E Tests Coverage” project.

Hey @Sagar_Kori you can find the list of all the mentors of the respective projects over here

Hello @Moses_Mutesasira can you please tell to admin to join me in slack channel i have already posted a thread regarding slack channel.

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hello @everyone quicknote
Contributor applications will open on Monday, March 18, 2024 at 18:00 UTC with a deadline of Tuesday, April 2, 2024 18:00 UTC ,checkout the timeline here Google Summer of Code 2024 Timeline  |  Google for Developers


hello @Moses_Mutesasira ,

I hope your find this reply, I’m second year computer science student, interested in contributing to this organisation, already chosen a test idea project about React and Cypress, I just wanna join the slack channel, here is my address:

waiting for your reply with all respect ^^

How can we get assigned to an issue?

How can we get assigned to an issue?

To get assigned to an issue on GitHub, simply comment on that issue to request assignment.