GSOC 2024: Student Introductions

This thread is for GSOC 2024 Accepted students.
The community would want to know about you .
Brief;y write about your self ,your project ,what youre currently doing and what intrests you about OpenELIS and any other info you would want


Hi everyone, I am Rahul and I am delighted to be participating in GSoC with OpenELIS!

I am currently a student at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, studying Computer Science and Chemical Engineering. I am particularly interested in software development and like contributing to open-source projects.

I have been actively contributing to OpenELIS because it aligns with my passion for leveraging technology for real-world applications. The opportunity to make meaningful contributions in healthcare, alongside a supportive community, is what interests me about OpenELIS.

I will be working on the project - Enhanced Search Functionality for OpenELIS. I will be sharing regular weekly updates in the thread - GSoC 2024 - Enhanced Search Functionality for OpenELIS.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me so far, and I am very excited to begin this journey. Please feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions regarding the project.

Thank you,
Rahul Pamnani
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My name is Muhereza Herman, a software developer based in Uganda and a graduate of BSc. Software Engineering.

I am happy for having been selected by OpenELIS / GSoC for the project GSoC 2024: Integrating OpenELIS with a FHIR-Based Open Client Registry - project updates and eager to work with my mentor and the entire community to ensure success of the project.

I am currently volunteering to open source software which includes but not limited to OpenELIS, OpenMRS while also pursuing a masters degree in Health Informatics.

My major interest in OpenELIS is really just about wanting to contribute to advancement of this health product. And work with the experienced team at OpenELIS



Hi everyone!

I’m Manish Jha, I am currently a 3rd-year Computer Science undergrad at Jaypee University. I have a keen interest in exploring new technologies and contributing to the open-source community

I’m thrilled to be part of GSOC-2024 this year, working on OpenELIS—a project that resonates with my interests in healthcare and tech. My project focuses on Improving the End-to-End (E2E) test coverage for OpenELIS, which is crucial for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the software.

Currently, I’m diving deep into understanding the intricacies of the project and gearing up to contribute my best. Beyond coding, I enjoy exploring different programming languages, attending tech meetups, and engaging in discussions on emerging trends in the field.

I’m looking forward to connecting with fellow GSOC participants, exchanging ideas,learning from all the experienced mentors and collectively making a meaningful contribution to the OpenELIS . Let’s make this journey a memorable and enriching one together!

Manish Jha.



I’m Vivek, currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at IARE Hyderabad. I have a keen interest in web technologies and am eager to delve deeper into all aspects of web development.

My project Add Support for User UI Notifications, involves leveraging web push notifications. I’m currently exploring Java Spring and Implementation of web push notifications.

My interest in openELIS stems from both its role as open-source software revolutionizing healthcare and my specific curiosity about the configuration of openELIS’s backend. I’m particularly interested in understanding how our backend operates with various features like FHIR pipelines. After successfully completing my project, I plan to delve deeper into openELIS’s backend, specifically exploring FHIR data pipelines.

I am looking forward to having discussions with mentors and fellow contributors to gain more knowledge and make meaningful contributions.

Hope this summer will be full of learning with fun✨



Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am Aditya, Currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science ar Delhi University.
My interest lies towards playing with linux and configuring it and some outcome/learning driven development. Also like to contribute to open-source projects.

Am very delight full of The OpenELIS Global Foundation that they selected my proposal to contribute on project called : Rewrite Admin Page components from JSP to React.

In this project I will be converting all JSP pages to React JS and make them more user-friendly to USERS/ORGS and making sure that workflow would be same enough.

Looking forward to having meetings, discussion with following contributors and mentors to improve the Health Care with technology and empowerit.

Thank You,