GSoC 2024 - Enhanced Search Functionality for OpenELIS

Hi everyone, I am excited to start this thread where I will be sharing regular weekly updates on my progress, challenges, and discoveries as I work on my GSoC project.

Project Name - Enhanced Search Functionality for OpenELIS

Project Summary - This project aims to enhance the search capabilities within the OpenELIS system, particularly the Search Patient module, providing users with a more efficient way of retrieving patient information. We aim to integrate a Java search engine library Hibernate Search with an Apache Lucene backend, to index key columns such as patient ID, patient name and other relevant data, providing users a faster way to search results. This will also include the integration of fuzzy search capabilities which will allow for approximate matching based on similarity, wildcard search which will allow for specified pattern matching and range search which will allow for searching for values within a specified range.

Mentor - @Moses_Mutesasira