GSOC 2024: Accepted Projects Announced

We are thrilled to announce the individuals who have been selected for this year’s Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program 2024! Your dedication, passion, and hard work have truly shone through, and we are delighted to have you on board for this exciting journey.

Selected individuals and the projects

  1. Aditya Deshlahre. Rewrite Admin Page components from JSP to React

  2. Manish Rabindra Kumar Jha Improve E2E Tests Coverage

  3. Herman - Integrating OpenElis with a FHIR-based Open Client Registry

  4. Rahul Pamnani Enhanced Search Functionality for OpenELIS

  5. Vivek Rama Krishna Kona Add Support for User UI Notifications

Congratulations to all the incredible individuals who have been selected as Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students! Your hard work, dedication, and passion have paid off, and you’ve earned this remarkable opportunity to contribute to the openElis project.
To those who weren’t selected this time around, remember that the journey doesn’t end here. Your efforts were commendable, and there are countless ways to continue growing and contributing to the open-source community. Keep pushing forward, learning, and seeking new opportunities.
To all, whether you’re embarking on your GSoC journey or exploring other avenues, know that your commitment to open source is invaluable. Embrace this experience, support one another, and let’s make this summer a time of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. Congratulations once again, and let’s build something amazing together!


Thanks for this opportunity. Looking forward to a great experience this summer.

Congrats to the rest of the contributors. Hard luck to those that missed out, GSoC’25 awaits :wink:


Wow! A big Congratulations :clap: to you all Devs. Godspeed and wish you all a thrill throughout the Summer of Code!

Thanks also to OpenELIS and GSoC Admins :clap: :clap: :clap:


congs @mherman22 and the rest of the contributors


Congs to all the selected devs and to all other contributors and our mentors


congratulations folks!


Congratulations Folks ! My project was not selected by google better luck next time!
But Congratulations to you all guys! You all deserve it !


congratulations to all the developers :confetti_ball: