GSOC 2024: Improve Integration Tests Coverage_

Hello everyone,
I want to contribute in the GSOC 2024: Improve Integration Tests Coverage.

Project Description
The current Service Layer Integration tests only cover a few components .This project aims to Improve Integration Tests Coverage for the critical components with in the application .Integration tests play a pivotal role in validating the interactions between various modules and ensuring the seamless functioning of the entire system.
Expected Out Come
Atleast 70 % Test coverage for the Service Layer.

Note about me
I have MERN development experience and recent Java backend specialization.
so now, I invest almost all my time in learning Java, Junit and Spring

Strategic Approach
I plan to meticulously analyze the critical components of the OPENELIS application, identifying areas lacking integration test coverage. Leveraging my MERN and Java expertise, I will develop comprehensive test scenarios and implement them using JUnit and Spring frameworks. Through continuous refinement and automation.

@Moses_Mutesasira @caseyi @abertnamanya @calebslane