GSoC 2024: Improve E2E Tests Coverage

Hello Community,

I would like to express interest in improving e2e Tests coverage for the new OpenELIS React UI.

Current Status

The Current E2E tests have a very low test coverage and are not very stable. This project is dedicated to improve the End-to-End (E2E) testing coverage for the New React front end and ensuring robust validation of the entire application workflow . E2E tests play a critical role in verifying the seamless interaction between various components, ensuring that the application functions as expected from the user’s perspective


This project aims at adding more e2e tests than there are currently to a tleast 70% Test Coverage for the new UI.

Implementation Strategy.

This is how I intend to carry out the objectives.

1 . Get familiar with most Lab workflows in OpenELIS

  1. Identify areas of priority with Project mentor

  2. Set up an PM dashboard for all issues agreed upon

  3. Write the tests

Tools to use.


Since the current UI E2E tests are currently written using React / cypress, it’s only natural to continue with the same . The other tool would playwright which is open-source

Code coverage


Will be glad to hear your inputs on this.

cc @Moses_Mutesasira @abertnamanya @caseyi