Question regarding Improve E2E Tests Coverage

Hello @Moses_Mutesasira @abertnamanya @caseyi,

I’m currently working on the project “Improve E2E Tests Coverage.” The project description highlights that the current E2E tests have very low test coverage and are not very stable. This project aims to enhance the End-to-End (E2E) testing coverage for the New React front end and ensure robust validation of the entire application workflow. E2E tests play a critical role in verifying the seamless interaction between various components, ensuring that the application functions as expected from the user’s perspective.

Now, I have a question regarding the project:

Given that the current Cypress test suites are designed for the ‘’ environment, could you please clarify whether I should focus on writing Cypress test suites for ‘https://localhost/’ or continue testing on ‘’?

Hii @Ankit-Matth if Cypress test suites are designed for the ‘"
then i think you should write for that only it might serve a purpose!..

also ‘" is a test server so e2e testing might be done over there before final push

Hello @Ankit-Matth, the test URL should point to a local instance, So you should focus on writing test suites for https://localhost/ !