GSoC24: Add Support for User UI Notifications

Let’s figure out the solutions

the project description as said is - “This projects aims at adding support for User Notifications in the new Front End i.e when critical Orders and Results are made. This will require creating a generic Notification framework that can support adding any kind of System Notifications whenever needed

Features that can be made -

  1. One notification button that will have the unseen notification count on that
  2. A pop up feature that appears whenever a notification comes to the user
  3. With every notification, if the particular notification is clicked, if it is a system notification, user is redirected to that page where the notification is coming from
  4. May be a mail service that also tells the user about the unseen notifications

any idea or guidance will be highly appreciated


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@calebslane can we start a discussion on this?

Hi @Shubhradip_Sarkar, I’m looping in @caseyi to see if he has any additional guidance or documentation around the desired functionality for the notification system.

Items 1-3 are desirable to me. The existing notification setup is deficient in a few regards. These deficiencies are:

  • Only saved in react context. Events that happened while not logged in aren’t captured and hard reloading would lose current notifications
  • No way of dismissing notification without deleting it. This is related to the above point because there is no backend persistence in regards to notifications
  • No central notification page to easily view/manage all notifications for a user.

Of your list, I would prioritize item 2, and 3. I don’t know if we need 4 at this point.


Thank you for your suggestions.
I have solution for all of this problems

Once it’s verified, we can discuss about how to approach this with a decent design