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Hello @Moses_Mutesasira @calebslane @caseyi

I’m working on the GSOC issue titled “Add support for user notification.” The project description outlines the need to incorporate User Notifications into the new Front End, particularly for critical Orders and Results. Essentially, this involves developing a versatile Notification framework capable of accommodating various system notifications as required.

Now, I have a few questions regarding the project:

  • Could you clarify what constitutes critical orders and how we can create them?
  • When we mention results, which specific results are we referring to, and how can we generate them?
  • Currently, the project seems to only utilize admin credentials (username: admin, password: adminADMIN!). Are there different user roles available? If so, could you provide details on these roles and how to create them?

Looking forward to your guidance on these matters.


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Reference thread for user notification project - GSoC24: Add Support for User UI Notifications - #4 by Shubhradip_Sarkar

Hey please share the base model and related information regarding it

For that you should consult the respective project mentors. Consider all the information you have on it till now as the base information and try to build on it and hopefully mentors and other community members will pitch in and guide you. As for the ER diagram, i think @vivekramakrishnakona made it and he said he will share in either here or in the slack channel!

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Hello @Moses_Mutesasira,

I am considering submitting a proposal for adding integration, end-to-end testing, and user UI notifications. Initially, I thought of writing a proposal for increasing responsiveness for openELIS, but upon further examination, I realize it may be unnecessary as most pages seem to be already converted to responsive design and most of the pages are being converted to React.

Instead, I believe focusing on user UI notifications, search indexing, and rewriting admin pages are more crucial (ranking). As I am not familiar with search indexing and rewriting admin pages, I am concentrating my proposal on user UI notifications and both integration and end-to-end tests.