OpenELIS 2.7 release is imminent!

OpenELIS 2.7 is in the final stages of user acceptance testing. We have a new Alpha 5 out on the dropbox folder (Dropbox - OpenELIS-Global_2.7.1.5_Installer.tar.gz - Simplify your life).

This version has new technology which updates all of the tech stacks going out of date and moves our base install to Ubuntu 22. This is to keep our software as secure as is possible! We do security scans and make sure that OE is completely up-to-date and secure.

Much of our new feature work, including the new UI is coming in OpenELIS 3! This includes a new rule builder for reflex tests, support for the pathology workflow, and more! Check out all our new features and designs at ! Let me know if you have any questions or if there are features you are wondering about the timeline for

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