OpenELIS Website

Hello Community,
I’ve been engaging with our community website and feel it’s crucial to prioritize updating it to a more responsive one.
I feel We have a few options to consider:

Adopting a new theme that embraces modern design principles and offers enhanced functionality.
I have done some research and I find themes like Zakra – WordPress theme |
Improving the current theme to ensure it’s more responsive and user-friendly.

In addition to these updates, I believe it’s essential to enhance the website content by:
Updating fonts, images, and information related to our ongoing community projects.
Improving our storytelling video to effectively communicate our mission and impact.

Furthermore, I’ve identified several outdated or insufficiently detailed sections that require attention and I have tried to make a summary report for the required sections to be updated
but not limited to only the sections that are listed here.
I can’t estimate how much of a priority this issue is to us but if need be, would greatly like to get your ideas about it!
@caseyi @Moses_Mutesasira @Herbert @calebslane

Hey Derrick,
Can u make the summary report document link PUBLIC right now not able to access it!
It’s saying you need to request access.

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Apologies, its now okey