Proposing all the Front Components to be using an extension .jsx instead of .js

Hello folks,

This sounds like a painfull upgrade , however it comes to this point where we need to completely migrate all the pages to completely react pages, Currently
We are using .js extension which is an old traditional javascript extension.


  1. TypeScript Support: .tsx files allow you to use TypeScript syntax, which provides static typing for your JavaScript code. This helps catch errors during development and provides better code editor support through features like autocompletion and type checking.

  2. Ecosystem Integration: As TypeScript gains popularity, many libraries and tools within the JavaScript ecosystem are starting to provide TypeScript typings. Using TypeScript can lead to better integration with these libraries and smoother development experiences.

The ideal difference between .js and .tsx extensions lies in whether you’re working with plain JavaScript or TypeScript with JSX. If you’re using TypeScript and incorporating JSX syntax for React components, .tsx is the appropriate choice. If you’re working with plain JavaScript or TypeScript without JSX, .js or .ts extensions would be more suitable,

In our case we still mixing up .js and .jsx, we we need to decide one core direction that will make the work even better. This can be leveraged in all other work we are trying to achieve.

Let me know your suggestions cc @mozzymutesa @caseyi @calebslane @mherman22 and @here


Thanks @sharif for this writeup, i agree with you on us trying to standardize the codebase and i think we can go ahead and utilize the .jsx or even better utilize typescript for all it’s advantages.