Request for Rest API Docmunation

Hey @mozzymutesa
I am finding it hard to match what the available controllers in the web-app are doing
Do we have some sort of REST API document to better understand what is supported?

Hello @Agaba_Derrick_Junior ,
We are in the process of just transitioning from server side rendered UI to client rendered UI.
We didn’t have an existing fully developed REST API and we are are just developing it step by step.
In general , The OpenELIS source code is structured as modules , with each module containing the DAO , Service , Controller and REST API layers.

Note that the REST API is form-based (field-based ) as opposed to being specific Domain Object-based

We don’t have current API documentation but we could do that as one the GSOC project too


Thank you for the update! Transitioning to a client-rendered UI and developing the REST API step by step sounds like an exciting project. especially for Gsoc :grinning: