Docker-compose fails to start

elai@elia:~/openelis-docker$ docker-compose up -d
Recreating openelisglobal-front-end … done
Recreating oe-certs … done
Recreating openelisglobal-database …
Recreating autoheal-oe … done
Recreating openelisglobal-proxy …
Recreating openelisglobal-proxy … error

ERROR: for openelisglobal-proxy Cannot start service proxy: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint openelisglobal-proxy (5a0872f00450a86e1d1b0b2f96d2fef635d57fb7a8150921a85445c20219264d): Bind for failed: port is already allocated


seems like you port is already allocated by other program or running process !

Stop other program/process which using 443 port or
just restart you PC and run the docker file again .


Actually i have gone in the docker-compose.yml and changed the port from 8081 to8082 and the error seems to to have goneopenelis-docker$ docker-compose up -d
oe-certs is up-to-date
openelisglobal-database is up-to-date
openelisglobal-front-end is up-to-date
autoheal-oe is up-to-date
Starting openelisglobal-proxy …
openelisglobal-webapp is up-to-date
Starting openelisglobal-proxy … done

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try command docker ps and send screenshot !