Doubt in Backend

Hello @Manish @rahul6603

can anyone tell me how to get the data from frontend in backend

I implemented Frontend to send data api is rest/reportvalues/

and also built an rest controller in backend IDK how to extract the post data in backend

can anyone please help me

Hey @arjun if you could provide more context like the issue you are working on or could raise a draft PR then we can provide you much better insights…

but yeah normally if you want to extract post data then it is typically done by accessing the request object and then parsing the body and specify the method parameter like what the method expects to return after the post request is made

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Hi @arjun, as @Manish said, you can raise a draft PR to provide more context and we will be able to help you further.

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i think you can use rest end points to of controller configiration to do send request from the front end to the back end
look at the controller specific to your page and then follow plus like the earlier suggestion share a pr so that folks can help you out

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If your using spring you need the restController class then you can use axios or fetch library to extract the data into the react application you research on that you will not regrate am also studying that notify me if you get most ideal results from your research please