GSOC 2024 : Contributor Applications Opens on March 18 ,2024

Hello Community ,
GSOC Contributor Applications are now open from Monday, March 18, 2024 at 18:00 UTC and closes on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 18:00 UTC
Note that GSOC Applications are submited to your organisation through the GSOC website at

See Full GSoC 2024 Tilmeline


  1. Signup as a GSOC contributor with Google at Google Summer of Code .
    Note . Esure to read and uderstand the GSOC contributor terms and GSOC guidelines about writing a proposal

  2. Go through the OpenELIS ideas List and select a project youre intrested in

  3. Follow our Student guidelines to write a proposal for the Project youre intrested in using our proposal template .
    Note: Make a copy of the template and esnure to Ensure to fill all mandatory fields

  4. You should be able to submit the Proposal to OpenELIS Global Organization through the GSOC website for review by the Mentors

  5. The final selected contributors will be Announced on May 1 ,20204

All the Best


thanks @Moses_Mutesasira

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Thank you @Moses_Mutesasira

let us know incase of any questions!


Thanks @Moses_Mutesasira

Thanks for the update, @Moses_Mutesasira!

Thank you @Moses_Mutesasira.

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thank you @Moses_Mutesasira

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great opportunity…
thank you @Moses_Mutesasira sir.

Thank you @Moses_Mutesasira