Help on Setup Project in Eclipse

I try to do these instructions
Setup Project in Eclipse

  1. File > Import > Projects from Folder or Archive
  2. ensure OpenELIS-Global-2 is selected (and dataexport-core and dataexport-api which are under eclipse)
  3. ensure detect and configure project natures is selected
  4. finish
  5. right click OpenELIS-Global-2 project > properties > Java Build Path > Projects > classpath > add
  6. add dataexport-core and dataexport-api

I do step 1 but when on I try to do step 2 I select only OpenELIS-Global-2 but I don’t see dataexport-core and dataexport-api so I only choose folder OpenELIS-Global-2

After clicking “Finish,” the project is successfully imported. However, upon attempting step 5, I couldn’t find the expected options, including the Java Build Path.

I get only this