Improve login page

I had done some changes on login page (on the fly), I tried to make it on the source code itself on eclipse but I can’t see any changes, how to show my edits? and can I make a pull request with this change?



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Looks good . Do you have a working Pr.

Thanks @Sayed_Abdo .
Can we rather focuss on existing issues ??

Yes, you are right. I just wanted to have a better UI, but the current issues are the most important.

I am trying to solve some problems on install OpenELIS-Global-2 and next I will focus on the current issues.
Thanks for your effort and time

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Sorry about that .
What issues are you still facing ??

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On Dev Environment Setup Instructions
on the step of Setup Project in Eclipse
on this step ensure OpenELIS-Global-2 is selected (and dataexport-core and dataexport-api which are under eclipse)

I don’t see dataexport-core and dataexport-api.

When I right-click on the OpenELIS-Global-2 project and navigate to “properties” followed by “Java Build Path” I can’t add dataexport-core and dataexport-api

sir can i work on e2e testing and also want to refractor the code for e2e testing (into that files that are currently present)

I get this error when I try to start tomcat server

Error reading file /home/sayed/.m2/repository/org/itech/dataexport-api/

/home/sayed/.m2/repository/org/itech/dataexport-api/ (No such file or directory)