Importance of Breadcrumbs

Hey devs,

Great job tackling those introductory issues especially those that require us to move features from jsp to reactjs!

I wanted to highlight the importance of breadcrumbs in our webapp. Breadcrumbs provide a clear navigation path for users, especially within complex applications like ours. They help users understand their location within the app hierarchy and allow them to easily navigate back to previous sections.

Here’s why breadcrumbs are essential:

  • Breadcrumbs enhance user orientation and make navigation more intuitive.
  • Users don’t have to rely solely on memory to recall their navigation path.
  • Users can quickly jump back to previous sections without needing to use the back button repeatedly.

Example of breadcrumbs

Note: Moving forward, i am suggesting we include breadcrumbs as part of our pull requests. This will ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience across our application.

Otherwise thanks to everyone for the great work.

cc: @Moses_Mutesasira @Agaba_Derrick_Junior @segujja_joseph @sharif @rahul6603



this is a great suggestion !

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Actually :v:!! Breadcrumbs do enhances the user experience!

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Yes this makes sense . Thanks @mherman22