Query regarding development in macOS

Hello community,
I want to contribute to this project. But I did not find documentation about run the project in macOS. Please tell me the steps to run this project locally.

@Nishant_Choudhary am not quite sure, however, I think for now Openelis only runs on Linux-based operating systems, Probably one of the ways you can run the project is through virtualization technologies, and also Docker provides a way to package and distribute applications as containers, which can run on any system that supports Docker. You can use Docker to run OpenELIS in a container on your macOS system. This approach allows you to isolate the application and its dependencies from the host system

hey @Rishikesh_Banerjee you need to know that OpenElis can run on only linux based operating systems for now, but helpful suggestions here would do much help I guess Query regarding development in macOS

Hey @Agaba_Derrick_Junior as you have written any system that can support Docker can run OpenELIS so I have Docker on my system why isn’t OpenELIS running?