Running OpenELIS In Docker with Mounted locally Compiled Artifacts

  1. The Native way to setup the dev environment requires Installing , configuring and Running the Tomcat server Locally.
    Some times that process becomes tedious for our new developers

  2. The second option is building the docker images directly from source code.
    This Option is much easier ,given that one doesn’t need to setup and do all the ssl configurations for TomCat.
    But usually this option tends to be slower for testing changes given that you have to rebuild a new docker image on every change which tends to consume more time and resource

  3. The Third Option.
    Doing the Builds(ie maven , npm) from the local dev enviroment, but mount the compiled artifacts into docker containers.
    This seems to be the easiest and fastest way to run OpenELIS from source code since it doesn’t require doing tedious tomcat configurations and also doesn’t require rebuilding the images on every change

    This is faster because the builds are done from the local dev environment and directly mounted into the docker containers.
    see instructions for mounting locally built artifacts to docker containers

In Summary all the above are Options and anyone is free to choose a more easier Option based on the dev environment