Doubt Regarding GSOC

Hello @Moses_Mutesasira @reagan @Herbert ,

could you please tell us which project proposal idea holds the highest priority for slot allocation?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share the priority of project ideas for slots!

Is the idea that is published on openELIS website is the ranking or the priority of ideas?

or it will change according to contributors contribution and proposal?

Also how much slot openELIS is expecting ?

Hey @Moses_Mutesasira, I’ve heard that new organizations get two slots at maximum , is that true? You can find more information here

@ravi I hope that GSoC is not really the definition of open-source, If you don’t make it to day please don’t worry keep contributing to open-source . You know and understand your passion please kindly follow your goal and unlock your potential.

And also I would like to remind you this, If you can believe in yourself and feel secured you will conquer the world, please you can make it too :mechanical_arm:. No more discussions on who will or not be admitted until the final day 1st May.



@ravi ,
Have you had a chance to Look at the full GSOC Timeline ??
Accepted GSoC contributor projects will be announced by Google on May 1


I think there is a confusion @Moses_Mutesasira i was only asking about the project idea ranking that you have to do by your end

(not the proposal ranking and also not about the result)

I totally agree with @valens but valens i was not asking about who will get admitted i was just asking about the project idea ranking for gsoc like the priorities of projects

Hello @ravi . i think you need to be patient about this, @Moses_Mutesasira and the team will provide all neccessary information.

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