System Eror Error : JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

hi @mozzymutesa
I get this persistent error on accessing the instance after starting the containers.

am I missing anything?

did it run fine previously before your changes ??
can you paste the server side logs here with pastebin??

occured after pulling the latest changes, that is those of docker hub registry

Its now white screen! blocking me abit!

Looks like you have a Liquibase error .
In case you don’t have any liquibase change locally ,
can you delete you db container volumes and start a fresh ??

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on it! thanks @Moses_Mutesasira

which docker-compose file are you running ??

dev.docker(for mounting locally compiled artifacts)… is this what you wanted?

@Moses_Mutesasira this error has persisted even on fresh conatiners

which command have you ran to clear the volumes ??

sudo docker stop ccba7992b2a4 eadf4095ec30 bc5b799544ae 37c8f8de1466 a5e170959183 1ce1dc882b60

sudo docker rm ccba7992b2a4 eadf4095ec30 bc5b799544ae 37c8f8de1466 a5e170959183 1ce1dc882b60

Run docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml down -v

can you also run mvn clean install and ensure your tests pass locally ??

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on running mvn clean install log: mvn clean install -

you do not have docker running

running mvn clean install as root user, with fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

sudo mvn clean install

threw this error terminal output

then I did

  1. git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. cd dataexport
  3. mvn clean install

on running mvn install, it builds with success but with liquibase like warnings or errors

curiously ran

 docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml up -d    

but the instance only shows a blank white screen…

did you try docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml down -v. before spinning up the containers again ??

Ive just tested it now on a remote machine and it runs fine .

Try the steps

  1. Clean the volumes
    docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml down -v

  2. Ensure you pulled the latest code changes

  3. Ensure you don’t have any breaking change in the java source code

  4. Try spinning up the containers again
    docker-compose -f dev.docker-compose.yml up -d