Why Not Authenticated?

:wave: :wave: Am Elijah.I tried to take refference from Mr Derick’s post Error “Not Authenticated.
Before that i was getting not authenticated but after going through the procedures its now :ok_man: :ok_man:
In the browser
Screenshot from 2024-05-24 11-14-21

check if you docker container named openelisglobal-webapp is running properly or not !

also check if the ports are already occupied some process or not.

some fixes

restart you container using flag down -v and then restart it
or force recreate the above mentioned container

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I have refollowed this way i was doing it
$ sudo lsof - i:${port eg.80}
Done this to all the ports ie. 80,443,8080,8444,8443,15432
$ sudo kill ${id of the ones connected}
$sudo systemctl stop docker.socket
$sudo systemctl stop docker
$sudo systemctl start docker.socket
$sudo systemctl start docker
$sudo docker ps -a
Then removed all running containers one by one
$sudo docker stop [container-id]
$sudo docker rm [container-id]
Then i followed that as it on github after u have finished the cloning process
Here on OpenELIS@git

Thats how i have eventually got up:


some requirements to check installed or not before proceeding with the above commands

  • java 11
  • maven

follow those steps one by one :slightly_smiling_face:

if any errors you face then please share screenshot of them

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@ELAI any progress ?

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Yes, Sir,i had to break the ports one by one and the containers .Actually the post i put there above recovered me ,thanks

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